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"J. passed on your book “Side Launch” to me this a.m. - and I, who doesn’t normally read novels, am absolutely engrossed in it.  It is brilliant - and I fortunately have some time this week, and can’t bear to put it down.   It is one of those historical novels that could also be non-fiction, and Brock’s knowledge of his subjects is phenomenal - both the direction of the war, and the details of ships/navy, and human emotions, etc.  

This book should be on the bestseller list for Canadian literature!

Congratulations to Brock - so glad he was inspired to write this book!"

Jane H.

"I have finished your book and wish to congratulate you on a job well done.

In the "Historical Note" addendum following the novel, your stated goal "... is to bring Canadian history to life in an engaging story". In my opinion, you have done a masterful job in achieving that goal.

Personally, I have a preference for reading historical novels. I find it is the most enjoyable way to read a good story while ingesting the history of a particular period. I have read many books covering the Second World War. They mostly centered on the Pacific Theatre and the Normandy Landings.

Your book creates a heightened awareness of the naval engagement between the convoys and the German submarines in the Atlantic, the role played by the Royal Canadian Navy and the huge role played by the merchant marine.

I would hope that "Side Launch" is just the start of a continuing literary career."

Paul S.

"I’m always looking for new authors and gave this a try. Within a few pages I was hooked and more than entertained. I strongly recommend if you’re a bit of a history buff and looking for something new."

Bruce P.

"A thoroughly gripping and captivating read narrating the multitude of challenges faced and victories achieved by the Royal Canadian Navy during WWII. A refreshingly Canadian read."


"It was a fun read, and I learned a lot about Canadian history in WW II. I had no idea about the battles of the North Atlantic, and the role Canada played. Most importantly though it was a great story to read."

Barbara L.

"Side Launch provides an excellent detail of the challenges of commercial ships supplying the war effort across the U boat infested north Atlantic ocean. The book is written from a Canadian perspective which sadly as a Canadian I was unaware of the infrastructure built in Newfoundland - our schools need to cover this. I appreciated the weaving of historical fact with fiction. The characters are developed in a way that adds a personal touch to the story. At the end of the book I found myself feeling proud to be a Canadian and appreciated the effort put in by many of these men and women that was instrumental in the ultimate war outcome."

Kevin OHearn

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