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The Story

In the year 1939, Canada, unprepared but defiant, declares war on Germany and mass-produces a midsize warship, the Corvette.

Neither designed nor equipped for the North Atlantic, the Corvette is tasked to take on the predatory sea wolves lurking below the waves. What could go wrong?

- Action-packed historical fiction based on true events of WWII and the battle of the Atlantic.

- The dreaded Wolf Packs, German commandos, a secret mission, spies and saboteurs.

- Heart-breaking wartime romance. Ian and Kate struggle with love in difficult times. Will they find love or be denied?

Ian takes command of the first Corvette built in Canada, the HMCS Collingwood. He is a man deeply scarred, having witnessed Nazi atrocities, and now driven by hatred. He will fight with any weapon he is given. Kate is the daughter of the Collingwood shipyard's owner, a brilliant woman with a strong desire to make something of herself. She is ready to fight for her country but first she must fight for success in a male-dominated world. Will Kate allow herself to love or is there too much at stake?

Side Launch takes the reader through a roller coaster of real events and dramatic head-to-head clashes, historic confrontation of epic proportions, and love and losses. If you are a fan of history and love to learn, this Canadian historical fiction is for you.

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